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Why Choose Mayflower School?

Mayflower School focuses on inculcating a love for learning and a strong sense of curiosity in all our students. Our students are prepared to question and crossover boundaries. They are ready for a world that demands a new kind of learning – that create Global Citizens. Mayflower School has one of the most advanced learning in a safe and supportive environment, we develop meaningful learning experiences for students aged 2.6 years to 15 years. We are committed to defining a new era of education.

Achieve Quality

Through meticulous planning, emphasizing on attention to detail and constant innovation. Our deepest belief is that education should continue well beyond classrooms. We foster and support our student’s independence, confidence, and diversity.

Celebrate Uniqueness

Being honest, reliable, fair, and open to new ideas we implement a variety of approaches to teaching and learning. We promote team spirit and diversity thereby exploring different approaches to problem-solving.

Embrace Acountablity

We acknowledge our self-efficacy and take responsibility for our teaching and learning, our words and actions. We endure to constantly upgrade ourselves in keeping with changing requirements as per the guidelines of the educational system.

About Mayflower School

Mayflower School focuses on inculcating a love for learning and a strong sense of curiosity in all our students. Our students are prepared to question and crossover boundaries. They are ready for a world that demands a new kind of learning – that create Global Citizens.

Vision & Mission

To assist students realize their intrinsic talents, develop their skills and impart values that will help them become responsible and caring individuals.
To ensure that every Mayflower student blossoms into a thoughtful, socially aware individual; fully conscious of his/her responsibility as a global learner and a good human being


Mayflower School is managed by a non-profit trust, Mayflower Educational Trust (MFET),established by the promoters of the B&B Group. The day-to-day running of the school is carried out by a team, who report to the School Management Committee. Read more...


Labs: Well-equipped labs for the students to learn experientially are a feature of the school. We have the following labs : Composite Lab, Computer Lab, Math Lab, Language Lab. Read more...


Class Rooms


Department of English

The English Department at Mayflower School understands the value of developing strong communication skills in both verbal and written forms of language. Effective communication is integral to providing our students with a complete educational experience. At Mayflower School, our activities aim to develop students' communication skills, build up their self-esteem and foster expressive abilities. Effective communication is an invaluable skill that will assist our students throughout their lives.

Our revolutionary "Think Rooms" from Chrysalis, are designed to promote "outside-the-box" thinking among our students. Activities like "look inside, look outside, look around" encourage them to discover various perspectives while cultivating critical and creative thinking abilities.

Students have ample opportunities to demonstrate their oratory talents through our variety of activities, from object talks and puppet shows to storytelling, Just-A-Minute (JAM) sessions and recitations - we provide platforms where our students can express themselves freely and confidently. A full-fledged language lab, reading programmes, literary week and dramatics where students create their own plays enhance their confidence, understanding and use of language.

Department of Mathematics

Through hands-on activities in the Math lab, we enable students to develop mathematical conceptualization, inquiry, reasoning, communication skills and the ability to use mathematics to formulate and solve problems in everyday life, as well as in mathematical contexts. Students learn to manipulate numbers, symbols, and other mathematical objects thus developing positive attitudes toward mathematics which enhances their ability to appreciate the aesthetic nature and cultural aspects of mathematics. The students learn Mathematics with understanding and apply Mathematics in day-to-day life.

Department of Science & Humanities

Science: Our science classes are planned to develop inquiring minds, with an innate curiosity about Science and the natural world around them. The foundation is laid at the Preparatory and Junior school, where the teaching of Science is directed to nurture analytical, critical and creative skills that develop a scientific temper in the student. The theoretical knowledge acquired is supported with practical skills as the student progresses to the Senior school level. A best-in-class composite lab with the latest equipment including a smart board, helps make science interesting. Here, in these classes, they get the opportunity to diversify into the branches of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Humanities: A study of Social Sciences helps the pupils understand the places in the world, the nature of Man, his past, and what his future would likely be. In order to enhance their understanding of economic development, the pupils also learn about the ways in which resources are used by people.

Department of Languages

Learning different languages has been associated with improved problem-solving skills, cognitive flexibility, and better attention and task-switching abilities. Recognising this, here at Mayflower School, our students learn the significance of languages. Learning the Tamil language helps students gain an understanding of their cultural heritage. We utilize textbooks recommended by the Tamil Nadu Government, which enables students to learn and appreciate the language. As part of the CBSE curriculum, Hindi is taught using textbooks prescribed by the board. Languages are taught by teachers with native proficiency. Through engaging stories and poems, we foster a love for the language, helping students develop a deep connection and appreciation for both languages.

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It’s easy to get started with Mayflower School.

Mayflower’s Enrollment Advisors are ready to help and introduce you to our school programmes and facilities. The very hallmark of a Mayflower experience is the high level of personal service that begins with the enrollment and continues throughout your child’s learning experience. With Mayflower, you don’t have to wait until the start of a new school year, to visit the school; you can drop in any day between 9am to 2-pm .


Our educational approach at Mayflower School goes beyond the traditional CBSE curriculum. We have incorporated elements of the Montessori curriculum to create a comprehensive learning experience that prioritizes the holistic development of each child. Our curriculum places equal emphasis on culture, art and craft, and academics, ensuring a well-rounded educational journey.

We understand the importance of hands-on learning, especially during the early years. That's why our curriculum includes ‘Early Practical Life’ activities, which engage pre-kindergarten students in tasks that enhance their fine motor skills. Maths is taught using Montessori activities, through which concepts such as numbers are brought alive through interactive activities that provide a clear and concrete understanding of the subject matter. At Mayflower School, we believe in a balanced approach to learning, where children have the opportunity for both child-initiated and teacher-directed play. Collaborative activities in pairs and groups encourage improved social behaviour and problem-solving skills among our students. Our schedule offers a predictable yet flexible structure, allowing children to learn and play in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our curriculum is designed to stimulate children's natural curiosity, fostering a love for learning. We strive to create an atmosphere where children can easily grasp new concepts and knowledge without feeling overwhelmed. By blending the CBSE curriculum with the Montessori approach, we provide a learning experience that is engaging, effective, and tailored to the individual needs of each child.

Books used: Fab Phonics for language and our own worksheets based on CBSE curriculum.

Class 1 to Class 5

At Mayflower School, we place a strong emphasis on developing students' literacy and numeracy skills. We follow the CBSE curriculum and utilize Chrysalis books, which are renowned for their activity-oriented learning approach. This methodology ensures that students gain hands-on experience and actively participate in their learning process. Through the Chrysalis system, students are encouraged to engage in various activities that reinforce their understanding of the subjects. They are prompted to reflect on their experiences and write down their thoughts, thereby consolidating their learning. This approach not only enhances their knowledge but also equips them with problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative skills.

We firmly believe in fostering a deep understanding of concepts rather than relying on rote memorization. By engaging in experiential learning, students retain information more effectively and develop a genuine interest in the subjects. This approach promotes self-learning, independent thinking, and the ability to work effectively in teams. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in developing students' social skills, allowing them to collaborate and communicate with their peers.

At Mayflower School, we strive to create a dynamic learning environment where students actively participate, explore, and develop the necessary skills for success in the modern world and empower our students to become lifelong learners who can think critically, solve problems, and excel in all areas of their lives.

Books used: Chrysalis Books from EZ Vidya Pvt. Ltd based on CBSE curriculum

Class 6 to Class 8

Adherence to the CBSE syllabus ensures our students receive a comprehensive education that aligns with national standards. To enhance learning experiences and foster growth, we employ various educational tools recommended by CBSE such as art integration and portfolio creation.

Art integration is a powerful strategy that empowers students to explore connections among subjects, express their understanding creatively, and deepen their appreciation of subjects while stimulating creativity. When implemented into their learning journeys, art helps foster deeper appreciation of subjects while cultivating creativity.

Portfolios provide another effective assessment tool. Students gather together their work and reflections over time, documenting their achievements. This process encourages self-reflection while giving students control over their learning.

At Mayflower School, we strongly emphasize continuous assessment. Through daily self-work and periodic assessments on each concept, students have regular opportunities to demonstrate their understanding and identify areas for improvement. This approach empowers them to actively engage with the material while taking ownership over their learning and becoming responsible for academic progress.

By following the CBSE syllabus and employing innovative educational tools, we ensure our students receive a well-rounded education that not only cultivates academic excellence but also supports creativity, self-expression, and self-assessment skills.

Books used: NCERT Textbooks based on CBSE curriculum

Class 2

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Class 5

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Mayflower School is managed by a non-profit trust, Mayflower Educational Trust (MFET),established by the promoters of the B&B Group. The day-to-day running of the school is carried out by a team, who report to the School Management Committee.

Mr Bobby Benedict


Mr. Bobby Benedict is a visionary who leads and inspires those around him to view setback as a learning moment from which to grow. Mayflower Shool is Mr Bobby's dream come true.

Mrs Susan Philip


With over 40 years of being an educationist, Mrs. Susan Philip has served in many rolls. She was the recipient of the Best Teacher Award, presented by the President of India in 2013.

Mr Avinash Bobby


Mr. Avinash Bobby envisages that education is a lifelong process of self-discovery. It provides a smooth transition for children to become responsible citizens of the World community.



Large, spacious classrooms that open on to enclosed garden spaces are a unique feature of Mayflower School. Children grow in a healthy, eco-friendly environment, learning to appreciate nature. As a progressive school, we have a number of smart classrooms to future-proof our students.


More than two thousand books, national and international journals, comfortable reading nooks and a teachers’ corner are all arranged in a spacious, air-conditioned room filled with natural light.


Well-equipped labs for the students to learn experientially are a feature of the school. We have the following labs : Composite Lab, Computer Lab, Math Lab, Language Lab.


The school has a well-equipped music room with keyboards, guitars, drum set and other instruments. We partner with Kingsway Music Academy, a 30-year-old institution that nurtures children's musical talents, helping them explore their innate singing and instrumental skills. Our qualified music teachers, who have successfully completed Trinity College Grade exams, provide comprehensive training in the nuances of music.

Sports & Games

Mayflower School believes in all-around development and has a well-planned sports field with a tennis court, football field, athletic track, volleyball and throwball court and a basketball court to help students achieve this. Training programmes for the different games are arranged for the students.


Mayflower School being an inclusive space, our restrooms have been designed with children of all ages and needs in mind.



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